More than 1600 papers have been published in the proceedings of the International Marketing Trends Conference. You have free access to the Congress papers, in a PDF format, in their complete version

Year: 2011

The proceedings of the International Conference Marketing Trends: all papers available for free from 2000 Copyright © 2011, International Marketing Trends Conference, All rights reserved. (ISBN 978-2-9532811-2-5)
The authors can use their paper in part or in full on any use without asking the Marketing Trends Association (Paris-Venice Association) permission to re-use their own work and to publish their article in printed form, electronic form, and other data storage media, transmission over the Internet and other communication networks and in any other electronic form. They are requested to cite the original publication source of their work and link to the published version. The authors assign copyright or license the publication rights in their articles to the Marketing Trends Association (Paris-Venice Association).
Reference formats:
in Medium /Conference Number / Conference Title / Year of the conference/ Place of Conference/ Editor /Place of Publication/Publisher / URLs
eg: in the proceedings of 10th International Conference Marketing Trends, 2011, Paris-Venice, ed. Jean-Claude Andreani and Umberto Collesei, Paris-Venice: Marketing Trends Association

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