International Marketing Trends Conference 2015

International Marketing Trends Conference


With over 500 speakers and contributors, from more than 50 different countries, the International Marketing Trends Conference offers a great variety of conferences and covers a wide range of topics, from a global point of view as well as from an in-depth perspective.

It is a unique think tank that interacts with leading business professionals, top academic experts, researchers and benefits from a wide panel of views and experiences.

The Conference is not just about marketing-mix, brand extension, communication strategies or distribution alternatives, it strives to look towards the future and provide insights for a successful relationship with the customers and clients.

The International Marketing Trends Conference is an ideal platform to find out more about how the new consumers think and behave, how they react to the various media profiles and campaigns, where they search for information on the products and services, what values companies should develop and highlight to best meet their expectations...

The success of the Conference has been encouraged by the convivial setting, alternatively in Paris  (France) and in Venice (Italy).

Papers will be double-blind peer reviewed. A Best Paper Award will be announced during the conference.

After the conference, a number of papers will be invited for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Marketing Trends.

In all cases, authors will keep the right to publish their paper elsewhere. Scholars seeking consideration of their papers for publication in the special JMT  issue should communicate such intention to the conference coordinators.


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